The Open Letter Project

"Dear Other Side of the Fence"

Deadline: March 24, 2017, by 11:59 P.M.

In today’s world, people seem more divided than ever. Rather than bridging gaps and constructively communicating with each other, many people are building fences, targeting those who are different from them, and tearing each other down. In order to confront and participate in healing this division and separation, the MSU Writing Center asks you to write a letter to the other side of your metaphorical fence.

Prompt: If you were to talk to individuals on the other side of your fence, whether they are of a different gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, religion, political affiliation, etc., what would you want them to know about you and your experience? What would you tell them about your stance and why you feel, believe, or identify the way you do? Also, what suggestions do you have for how you can both bridge this gap and coexist peacefully?

Please complete the following steps to submit your letter:

  1. After writing your letter, please save it as a .doc or.docx attachment it to the email.
  2. Fill out the Writing Center Standard Release form and attach it to the email, as well.
  3. Send your submission to with your name and NetID in the body of the email (published submissions will remain anonymous).
  4. Write “OPEN LETTER PROJECT SUBMISSION” as the subject of the e-mail.
  5. If your teacher is offering extra credit for participating in this project, please write the teacher’s name, course number, class section, and your NetID in the body of the e-mail.

Please note: Your name will not be on your entry, but we will use your name and email to enter you into a raffle to win a $50.00 VISA gift card. Two winners will be selected at random. If you have any question, please email us and put “QUESTION” in the subject line of the email, or setup an appointment to visit the Writing Center.

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